Saji Nusantara

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Opening Hour 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM, every day.

  • PHONE. +603 7611 6190

Saji Nusantara

Proudly serves authentic Malaysian home-style food, just the way that a typical Malay home would. Rich flavours. Generous portions. And with lots of love.

Saji Nusantara, a.k.a Nusantara Cuisine, opens up a whole new world of Malaysian gastronomy. Selections from our menu takes you on a journey to experience the taste and diverse cultures from across the Malay Archipelago. Your taste buds will be feted to Malay delectable prepared with spices and seasonings that are exclusive to this region.

Our Standards

1. Passionate about food
We are GILER about food. We’re always pumped to bring a new samplings of authentic, traditional Malaysian home-style food to your table.
2. Serves the freshest foods
Eating out? Think “home-away from home” Only the best and the freshest ingredients make it to our kitchens. Why? So that you savour the best taste, from natural ingredients that are still packed with full flavours and nutrients. Just like home!
3. Authentic
Call us an Ambassador of traditional Malay home-style cuisine. We are proudly Malaysian and very proud of our rich Malay culture, food and history. We love what we do and make it our mission is to spread this love, and what we have to offer across South East Asia.
4. Strive for the best experiences
We live to create great experiences for you. How? By being masters of our craft. From farm to table, it’s served with good lavish of Malaysian warm hospitality.

Our Spirit

We are just as passionate about energy, creativity, initiative and receptivity to new ideas – it’s the fuel to keeps our “stove burning”.  Being innovative, adaptable and relevant are keys to staying on the top of our game.

People are the pulse of our business. We believe in nurturing and developing our people into high caliber individuals.  Celebrating diverse of ideas, empowerment and encouraging a sense of ownership. There are no staff, suppliers or customers – only business partners.

Community Care. We carry a deep sense of responsibility to the community.  This is why we are committed to share our benefits through our CSR projects and making a difference to the underprivileged.  

meet the founder

Salam Z.
Salam Z.
“Whatever you do, do with determination. You have one life to live; do your work with passion and give your best.”