Saji Nusantara

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Opening Hour 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM, every day.

  • PHONE. +603 7611 6190
  • LG 323-323A One Utama Shopping Centre No. 1 Persiaran Bandar Utama Bandar Utama 47800 Petaling Jaya


Saji Nusantara, a.k.a Nusantara Cuisine, opens up a whole new world of Malaysian gastronomy. Selections from our menu takes you on a journey to experience the taste and diverse cultures from across the Malay Archipelago. Your taste buds will be feted to Malay delectable prepared with spices and seasonings that are exclusive to this region.
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  • EVERY DAY 10AM - 10PM



Kepak Ayam Pedas
Fried chicken drumettes coated with spicy sauce
Otak-otak Popiah Goreng
Fried fish cake wraps
Tofu and mixed vegetable with peanut sauce
Satay Kriok-kriok
Fried chicken strips in skewers with peanut sauce
Bawal Kriok-kriok
Fried pomfret fish with herbs and spices served with white rice
Keli Kriok-kriok
Fried catfish with herbs and spices served with white rice
Siakap Masam Manis
Sweet and sour seabass fish served with white rice
Talapia Kriok-kriok
Fried talapia fish with herbs and spices served with white rice
Char Kway Teow Udang
Fried flat noodle with prawn
Laksa Kari Udang Galah
Spicy curry noodle soup with river lobster
Mee Goreng Udang
Fried noodle with prawn
Soto Mee Bebola Daging
Noodle soup with beef ball